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Frequently Asked Questions


When should I change my filter?

Every month in your home is different. Check the Air Filter when you pay your utility bill is a good plan. The dirtier the filter the higher your bill will be and the more of a strain it puts on the system.

How often should I replace my water panel in my humidifier?

Typically once a year.

Why is preventative maintenance so important on a 3+ year old system?

Preventative maintenance extends the system's lifespan and helps validate your warrenties.

Why should I get a CO (Carbon Monoxide) detector?

The same reason you have a smoke detector in your home. To prevent any harmful effects of CO that might emit from your furnace into your home.

My furnace has frozen up, what does that mean?

Typically it means your system is low on refridgerant. This means you either have a leak or your system hasn't been inspected in a while.

Are boiler systems worth it?

Yes, they are very comfortable and last a long time.

Should I change my R-22 air conditioner?

Yes, the industry is phasing R-22 out and the cost is escallating drastically. We recommend you install a new Puron system right away.

How efficent of an AC unit should I install?

A multi-stage AC unit will dehumidfy better and the higher the seer raiting the less the annual cost will be to run the unit. The higher the efficiency the lower your utility bill will be.

Is it okay to cover the outdoor unit during the winter time?

The problem with this is condensation is created when the sun hits the cover potentially causing quickening deterioration. Also rodents love to get inside and cause damages. It is okay to cover the top only to prevent leaves or other debris, but keep the sides uncovered to allow for proper air flow to prevent condensation.

How do I get air conditioning to hard to reach areas in my home?

If you run the fan on the furnace continuously it will help circulate air to those hard to reach areas. Every home is different, ceiling fans are also a great way to help with this problem. Also, if that still isn’t helping, then you might have a possible duct work issue and should have us come check it out.

Do I save money closing registers off to my heating and cooling system?

Not always, the heating and cooling system is sized to the home and requires a certain amount of cubic air thru the system. By closing off the supply registers, it restricts the amount of air flow and reduces the efficiency of the system.

What is the best way to help prevent a break down on my condesate pump?

A cup of bleach about four times a year, will help stop the growth of bacteria.

Where is the best place to put a CO (Carbon Monoxide) Detector?

The best place is below the lowest bed in the home, CO is a heavy gas.. Do not put it in the kitchen or near the furnance room.


Do you work on all brands of water heaters?

Yes, we do repair & install different brands of water heaters.

Do you work on wells & well pumps?

Yes, we are able to diagnose, repair and install wells and well pumps.

Do you work on commercial applications?

Yes, our plumbers are read to help you with any of your residential or commerical needs!

Do you have a main drain machine?

Yes, it's also available during our emergency service hours.

Do I really need to have my water heater flushed?

Absolutely, over time your water heater has sediment that builds up inside of it. This is not good for your water heater. To protect its lifespan we do recommend having it flushed and cleaned at least once a year or at least once every two years.

Vectren has shut my gas off, now what?

One of our plumbers will come out and perform a pressure test on your gas line to locate the gas leak. Once completed we will provide you with a quote. If approved we will pull a permit with your county, make the repairs and schedule the inspection with the county. Then Vectren w ill turn your gas back on.


Do you work on commercial electrical applications?

Yes, we service both commercial and residential needs.

Do you sell and install generators?

Yes, we mainly install Generac or Honeywell, but are capable of installing different brands. We also service most brands as well.

Do you offer electrical inspections?

Yes, we can do those as a one time service for our customers, or they can be added to your preventative mainenance program for an additional fee.

Are there any lighting rebates available?

Yes, as of 3/27/18 there are, give us a call for further information. 937-298-4200

Are your electricians able to change lighting on signage or pole lights?

Yes, our electricians are skilled in these types of services and have the proper equipment to complete it safely.


Do you charge a flat rate pricing?

Absolutely not, we have found that flat rate pricing charges customers more than is need to get the job done.

Do you charge more for after hours?

Yes, we do. Even at the higher labor rates, we are less expensive than our competitors.

Can one technician take care of my plumbing, electrical and furnace?

No, each technician is highly skilled with in their seperate fields. We can normally schedule different technicians out at the same time to ensure you don't have to take even more time out of your day.

Geothermal Systems

Is the Geothermal Tax Credit coming back?

Yes, it is back as of right now (Feb 2018), but for a limited time.